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If you have a passion for working on fictional or reality-based 3D worlds, we would love to meet you at the next ICE. We are also organizing the annual CityEngine User meeting in partnership with ​Esri Inc. Our aim is to inspire and connect people, businesses, and disciplines, spark emotion and fruitful collaborations, and help people get into the industry.

Logo of the ICE conference, the 3D environment conference: I for Inspiration, C for Creativity, E for Emotion

ICE: Inspiration, Creativity, Emotion

The 3D environment conference ICE is dedicated to the disciplines involved in producing 3D environments. It includes the entertainment, advertising, training and simulation, GIS and AEC/BIM sectors. Topics include concept art, design, layouts of game levels, technical workflows, research, client relations, project budgeting, entering the industry, job security, work–life balance, and contract negotiation.

For CityEngine friends and partners

The CityEngine User Meeting is held every year in Zurich, Switzerland and brings together international CityEngine users, fans, and developers. It is organized in partnership with Esri, Esri Switzerland and the Ideal Spaces working group. Keep in touch for the next edition planned for 2023!

Procedural 3D Modeling & Texturing

Our LinkedIn Group about Procedural 3D Modeling and Texturing. Join it!

Procedural 3D Modeling & Texturing

3D Urban Environments & 3D Cities

Our LinkedIn Group about 3D Urban Environments and 3D Cities. Join it!

3D Urban Environments & 3D Cities

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