Urban fabric. Solved.

At vrbn studios, we develop high-quality, off-the-shelf 3D content for realistic urban 3D environments for direct use in real-time graphics (game engines) and visual effects (VFX).

We dream big and work to Swiss quality standards. We’re driven by challenges and approach every project with the same sense of curiosity and wonder.

Our team includes veterans of the worlds of architecture, film, and video games. We share the vision to create amazing worlds. We’re a family of like-minded individuals who specialize in everything from Super Smash Bros. to Inception, and when it comes to content, we bring our A game.

For free demo content, or if you have questions about licensing or sales, please contact us. ​

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Why you save time and money​

Other 3D content seems cheaper? Be mindful of HIDDEN COSTS!

NO time-consuming creation of missing textures and fixing materials

NO converting files from different file formats

NO rework to match quality between models

NO tedious assembly of modular building sets needed

NO expensive architectural researchers needed (plus staff fluctuation risks)

NO legal hassle as all our content is 100% self made​

Why you can trust our 3D content


Architectural consistency: Realistic architectural constructions

Technical consistency: Graphics performance optimizations

Realism consistency: Detailed, believable aesthetic

Consistent quality, optimizations and structure of content is key to efficient workflows in 3d graphics. The following key features allow quick and clean implementation in high-quality games, visual effects and other demanding 3d production contexts. ​

Consistent: one of our quality feature of our 3D assets


Consistent and realistic architecture

PBR: one of our quality feature of our 3D assets


Physics based materials

Optimized: one of our quality feature of our 3D assets


Fully optimized data, ready for games and real-time applications

Drag & drop: one of our quality feature of our 3D assets

Drag & drop

Ready to be used immediately in your scene

LODs: one of our quality feature of our 3D assets


Optimized mesh complexities for different viewing distances

Collision mesh: one of our quality feature of our 3D assets

Collision mesh

Building are set up for collisions

Product examples

Everything from commercial and industrial buildings to single and multi-family homes, as well as skyscrapers.

3D building rendered using Houdini/Redshift3D
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Residential building

A multi-family residential building

3D building rendered using Houdini/Redshift3D
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Commercial Building

A commercial building

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A modern skyscraper

Selected references: vrbn studios

A wide range of clients rely on our game and VFX ready 3D buildings. You can find out more below. ​

Logo of reference Mash Games
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Mash Games

A realistic BMX game needs realistic 3D buildings! A perfect fit for our high-quality 3D content to create lively game levels!

Logo of reference Mobiltech
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A world leader in 3D GIS and mapping technology. Mobiltech are using our content to extend their city visualizations where data is missing. Mind the gap!

Logo of reference Morai
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At the forefront of AI research for Autonomous Driving, Morai creates advanced driving simulators, for which we provide 3D buildings. Ride on!

Real-time game demo

An urban adventure for you to experience: We are sure you will enjoy trying out how it feels to drive around the 3D city designed exclusively for you from our building assets! ​

Do you have something specific in mind?

We always look forward to new challenges – after all, this is how we continue to develop and grow. Do not hesitate to contact us! ​