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We bring 3D urban environments to life.

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Urban dreams start with vrbn

Focus on your core expertise, whilst we do what we do best: Combining architectural design principles with computer graphics engineering. We offer technical consulting and services, as well as ready-to-use content for all 3D related industries. ​


See how we translate our clients’ visions to 3D, from historic reconstructions to fictional environments for Hollywood Blockbusters. ​

Past Zurich

Historical Digital Twin of the City of Zurich

Architecture Biennale 2018 (Venice)

3D worlds created for the famous Architecture Biennale exhibition

Transport Fever 2

500+ buildings created for the famous Swiss PC game


We have the pleasure and the privilege to work with a wide variety of brands, enterprises, organizations, and technology ventures. ​

Logo of reference Af
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On-site training for architects and engineers, as well as procedural tools for master-planning and deriving visualizations of different kinds. A great experience for everyone including us.

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At the forefront of AI research for Autonomous Driving, Morai creates advanced driving simulators, for which we provide 3D buildings. Ride on!

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Advanced consulting for Autonomous Driving ranging from procedural city modelling to advanced rendering techniques and artist management. A road movie-experience of its own.

Real-time game demo

Would you like to see our buildings and assets in action? Here is a playful inspiration for you, that shows what you can create with our 3D content. ​

vrbn studios demo game that showcases our content

About us

“There’s no separation between life and work. It’s sort of blurred. That’s the ideal, if you love what you do.” – Sophie Buhai

We are a team of hand-picked specialists, industry veterans and successful entrepreneurs that love to constantly push boundaries and learning new things. We mix fields that are notoriously complex, with the goal to make complex 3D urban environments more accessible. ​



We work with a range of leading names in multiple industries, ranging from GIS to VFX. ​

Logo of Partner Esri, Partner Network Bronze

Esri Partner Network

Since the start, vrbn has been an official Esri Partner. We develop 3D GIS workflows based on many of the tools made by our friends in Redlands and Zurich.

Logo of partner FMX 2022


Annually, we return to Europe's biggest computer graphics conference - with presentations of our technical work and advances in 3D content.

Logo of Partner Ideal Spaces

Ideal Spaces Working Group

One of our passions is to research, design and create ideal 3D worlds. We often do this in close collaboration with the members of the ISWG.