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We are vrbn

Headquartered near Zurich, Switzerland, vrbn (pronounced “urban”) offers high-end solutions and off-the-shelf 3D content for creatives in all industries that need 3D environments: In games, culture, history, advertisement, visual effects, simulation, and many others.​


Our family business was founded over 80 years ago and was built up over three generations. It began life as a construction company before becoming a real estate and facility management firm.

As an extension to this, vrbn operates purely in the digital realm, offering services and 3D content for clients across the globe. The company’s experienced team, led by Chris and Matt Buehler, lives and breathes art, architecture, and technology, working on complex productions pipelines and challenging commercial projects.​

Vision statement (The “What”)

Help people to visualize their story and get across their message by creating 3D worlds with passionate minds, cutting edge technology and Swiss precision. ​

Mission statement (The “How”)

Provide the best products and services in the industry, question assumptions, challenge human imagination and be ahead of the curve.​

Executive Team

Chris Buehler, CEO of vrbn group AG

Chris Buehler


With a background in law and real estate management, Chris runs vrbn on the strategic and administrative fronts.

Matt Buehler, CTO of vrbn group AG

Matt Buehler


After graduating from ETH Zurich (MSc Arch ETH), Matt has worked in landscape architecture and architectural visualization. As part of the CityEngine development team and later CityEngine Tech Support Lead he has a profound knowledge of 3D Modeling, Rendering, Visualization, Digital Sets and VFX in general. He also has hosted countless international presentations, workshops and trainings. At Scanline VFX, a high-end Visual Effects vendor, he worked in the creation of 3D landscapes and cities movies such as 'Independence Day Resurgence'.

vrbn was founded to push 3D design and content creation technologies in multiple sectors, such as Games, VFX, Architecture, XR, AI and the Metaverse.


Technical Artist Team

Robert Truong, technical artist at vrbn group AG

Robert Truong

Elias Datodji

Christian Tanner

Software Development Team

Alexis Papagiannopoulos, software developer at vrbn group AG

Dr. Alexis Papagiannopoulos

Ángel Lis Montesinos

Ángel Lis Montesinos

Chris Priscott, software developer at vrbn group AG

Chris Priscott

Cyrill_Oberhaensli, software developer at vrbn group AG

Cyrill Oberhaensli

Julio Campos Alvarez, software developer at vrbn group AG

Julio Campos Alvarez

Maxime Sainlot

Tobias Frey

Tobias Frey

Dr. Jacob Thorn

What others are saying about us

Since starting out as consultants and service providers, we have had the pleasure of working with many interesting people from a wide variety of industries. We would like to let some of them have their say here, to give you an idea of who we are and what we do.

Our references

A large number of clients rely on us to make their visions and projects a digital reality – all while sticking to their budget and, of course, their time frame.


We are privileged and proud to work with some of the best and most creative minds of our industry.

Are you the best in class in your field?

We are always on the lookout for new talent and 3D enthusiasts, and welcome applications from all levels. At vrbn, inquisitive young minds that are ready to learn are just as valued as new, experienced colleagues with a wealth of knowledge to share. ​